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UFL001 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing FL001 - U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm

UFL001 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing FL001 - U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm

  • High Light

    link belt bearings


    plummer block bearing

  • Material
    Zinc Alloy
  • Type
    Pillow Block Bearing
  • Component
    FL001 & U001
  • Size
  • Mass
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  • Brand Name
  • Certification
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
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    Standard Carton Box
  • Delivery Time
    Within 3 days
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    T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Supply Ability
    10000.pcs / Month

UFL001 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing FL001 - U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm

UFL001 Zinc Alloy Material Pillow Block Bearing FL001 Block with U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm


Stock QTY : 650.pcs (More on the way)


Bearing Model UFL001
Type Pillow Block Bearing
Structure Pillow Block & Bearing
Application Machines 
Size (dxDxL) mm 12x38x63mm
ID (mm) 12
OD (mm) 38
L (mm) 63
Weight / Mass (KG) 0.06KG
Stock Qty (pcs) 650.pcs (more on the way)
Country Origin JAPAN ; CHINA
Condition NEW
HS CODE 8482800000
Lead Time Within 3 Days
Contact Person Hanna (Ms)
SKYPE hannagreenpower
WhatsApp / Webchat +86-13771456936
E-Mail hannabearing@hotmail.com


We currently have 650.pcs of UFL001 Zinc Alloy Material Pillow Block Bearing In Stock.If you are in need of UFL001 Bearing ,just feel free to contact us.We can assure you the best quality; the most competitive prices; the shortest delivery time and the highest quality service.


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UFL001 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing FL001 - U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm 0UFL001 Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing FL001 - U001 Bearing 12*38*63mm 1