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Linear Ball Bearing

linear ball bearing is bearing used in linear motion systems.

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Linear Ball Bearing

  • Flange Slide Series

    Flange Slide Series

    GQZ flange slide is used widely in linear motion systems. We offer following flange slide series:SDMF,SDMK,SDMH,SDEF,SDEK, LMF,LMSF,LMK,LMSK,LMH,LMSH,LMF-L,LMSF-L,LMK-L,LMSK-L,LMBF,LMBSF,LMBK,LMBSK

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  • Slide Unit Series

    Slide Unit Series

    The slide unit can be mounted on the housing or on the plate, depending on the application. It can also be bolted from the bottom or from the top. The piping can be fitted to the port in any of the three positions, according to how the unit is mounted. Auto switches can be installed. We supply following slide units: SMA-AJ,SMA,SMA-L,SMA-S,KBA,KBA-L,KBA-S,SME,SME-L,KBE,SH,SHF

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  • Linear Bush Series

    Linear Bush Series

    GQZ linear bushings provide smooth linear motion using the rolling motion of ball bearings. To support a wider range of applications, various sizes and configurations are available. You can find GQZ linear bushings on transportation equipment, food processing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other systems that require smooth, precise motion.

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Linear ball bearing is bearing used in linear motion systems.It is widely used in sliding parts of industrial machinery such as precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and so on.

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