8E-NK1-20x47X14 8E-NK1204714 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing 20x47x14mm

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8E-NK1-20x47X14  8E-NK1204714 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing 20x47x14mm
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Material: Bearing Steel GCr15
Structure: Needle Roller
Size: 20x47x14mm
Stock Quantity: 650.pcs
Precision: Po ; 6 ; P5 ; P4
Application: Automotive
High Light:

Metric Needle Bearings


Thrust Needle Bearing

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: GERMANY ; CHINA ; Etc.
Brand Name: Optional
Certification: ISO9000/ISO14001/QS9000/TS16949
Model Number: 8E-NK1-20x47X14 ; 8E-NK1204714
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard Carton Box / Wooden Pallet Case.
Delivery Time: Within 3 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 100000.pcs / Month
Product Description

8E-NK1-20x47X14  8E-NK1204714 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing 20x47x14mm



Stock QTY : 650.pcs        (More on the way)


Size : 20x47x14mm            Weight : ***KG


Bearing Model

8E-NK1-20X47X14  ; 8E-NK1-204714


Needle Roller Bearing

Size (dxDxB) mm








Weight /Mass (KG)


Contact Person

Hanna (Ms)



WhatsApp / Webchat   +86 137 7145 6936




We currently have 650.pcs of 8E-NK20X47X14 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing In Stock.If you are in need of 8E-NK20X47X14 Bearing ,just feel free to contact us.We can assure you the best quality; the most competitive prices; the shortest delivery time and the highest quality service.


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8E-KV7080X39.8XS 8E-NK34X59X20-1PX1 8Q-K100107X20.8X 8Q-KBK12X17X14.2X2
8E-KV8X11X11.8X2S 8E-NK35X5025 8Q-K100107X28X 8Q-KBK13X17X15.8X
8E-KV8X11X11.8XS 8E-NK35X52X13 8Q-K105X113X30.7X 8Q-KBK13X18X14.2X
8E-KV8X11X8.8X1S 8E-NK36X62X16 8Q-K105X113X39.8X 8Q-KBK14X18X12X1
8E-KV8X11X8.8X2S 8E-NK36X62X18 8Q-K1013X10 8Q-KBK14X18X15.8X3
8E-KV8X11X8.8XS 8E-NK38.5X67X17 8Q-K1013X10U84 8Q-KBK14X18X16.5X
8E-KV8X12X11.8X1S 8E-NK38.5X67X19 8Q-K1013X13 8Q-KBK14X18X19.8X11
8E-KV8X12X7.8X1S 8E-NK39X58X16-1 8Q-K1016X12 8Q-KBK14X18X19.8X13
8E-KV9X13X19.8XS 8E-NK39X58X16-2 8Q-K110117X25.8X 8Q-KBK14X19X17.1#01
8E-MR243320D0E 8E-NK39X58X16-2U61 8Q-K110118X62.6#02 8Q-KBK14X19X17.1X
8E-MR243320D0E#C#01 8E-NK39X6016-1 8Q-K125X135X69.8#05 8Q-KBK14X19X17.1X2
8E-NK1-2047X14 8E-NK39X65X18-3 8Q-K12X15X10 8Q-KBK16X2019.8X1
8E-NK1-21X47X13 8E-NK39X65X18-4 8Q-K12X15X13 8Q-KBK16X2023.8X
8E-NK1-25X5020.3N 8E-NK39X65X18-5 8Q-K12X15X13.3X 8Q-KBK16X21X19.8
8E-NK1-25X52.2X1#01 8E-NK39X65X18-5U60 8Q-K12X16X13 8Q-KBK2025X27.9X
8E-NK1-25X52.2X1#04 8E-NK41X71X21 8Q-K12X16X8.5X 8Q-KBK2025X29X
8E-NK1-25X52X18.#01 8E-NK44X72X23 8Q-K12X16X8.5X1 8Q-KBK22X28X29.9X
8E-NK1-25X56.4X19-1 8E-NK45X54X12 8Q-K12X17X13 8Q-KBK8X11X9.8X
8E-NK1-25X56.4X19-3 8E-NK45X54X12-6PX1 8Q-K12X17X9.8XPX1 8Q-KBK8X12X10.8X
8E-NK1-28X5021N 8E-NK45X54X12-6PX2 8Q-K12X18X12 8Q-KRX2047X57.6#01
8E-NK1-28X53X18-2 8E-NK45X54X12-9PX2 8Q-K135X145X45.5#01 8Q-KRX2047X71.6#01
8E-NK1-28X62X16 8E-NK46X68X15N 8Q-K135X145X45.7#01 8Q-NA0-45X65X40ZWE
8E-NK12X19X12-7 8E-NK48X66X16 8Q-K14.7X18.7X9.7X 8Q-NATR2047X25-#01
8E-NK1-3058X17-#19 8E-NK52X7017 8Q-K145X153X62.6#01 8Q-NATR20LL
8E-NK1-3064X20-1 8E-NK54X75X16-1 8Q-K15X19X17 8Q-NATR20LL/3AS
8E-NK1-31X62X20-2N 8E-NK54X75X20.5-1 8Q-K15X21X7.8X 8Q-NK1017X12-1
8E-NK1-31X62X20-4N 8E-NK55.5X80.9X2#01 8Q-K15X23X13.8X1PX1 8Q-NK1017X12-1/#01
8E-NK1-34.9X68X1#02 8E-NK7095X50 8Q-K15X23X13.8XP#02 8Q-NK1017X12-1/#02
8E-NK1-34X56X20 8E-NK85/25RD0E+1#01 8Q-K15X23X13.8XPX1 8Q-NK1017X12-2
8E-NK1-34X68.2X22 8E-NKZ24X4020 8Q-K16X22X17.8X1 8Q-NK1017X12-4
8E-NK1-34X68.2X22-3 8E-NKZ24X4020-1 8Q-K175X183X46.2#01 8Q-NK1-22X5017
8E-NK1-35.7X62X30 8E-NKZ25X46X25-8PX1 8Q-K17X21X10 8Q-NK1-25X52X17-2
8E-NK1-35X63X18 8E-NKZ3048X35.4PX1 8Q-K17X21X17 8Q-NK1-28X45X31/3AS
8E-NK15X25X12-3 8E-RNA69/32RPX1 8Q-K17X25X17.2XP#02 8Q-NK12X19X12
8E-NK17/16R/2AS 8E-RNA6908RPX2 8Q-K17X25X17.2XPX1 8Q-NK1-3052X20
8E-NK18/20RD0 8E-RNUP1324HTNCS#01 8Q-K18X22X10 8Q-NK1-3052X20-1
8E-NK20/16RD0 8E-RNUP1425HTVNR#01 8Q-K18X22X13 8Q-NK1-35X55X10/3AS
8E-NK2032X12 8M-F-NK155/32 8Q-K18X22X7.8X2 8Q-NK1-38X66X46
8E-NK2032X13-2 8Q-7F-NATR1030X#02 8Q-K18X23X18.8X 8Q-NK1-4068X31.5D2
8E-NK2032X16-1 8Q-7F-NATR8X24X1#02 8Q-K18X25X16.8X 8Q-NK1-4070X22
8E-NK25X33X25-1/#01 8Q-ARX17X40X8.7 8Q-K2026X13 8Q-NK1-58X8048D2
8E-NK25X35X16 8Q-BKS16X22X17-1 8Q-K2026X25.8X1ZW 8Q-NK16X24X13-2
8E-NK25X35X16-1PX1 8Q-BKS16X22X17-10 8Q-K2028X18.5X 8Q-NK16X3016-1
8E-NK25X37X28-1 8Q-GK24X28X22.8X 8Q-K2028X20X1PX1 8Q-NK18X28X20-3PX1
8E-NK25X45X16 8Q-GK25X3022.3X 8Q-K2028X25 8Q-NK18X28X20-4PX1
8E-NK25X46X17.5-1 8Q-GK25X31X21.8X 8Q-K2030X23.7X 8Q-NK18X28X20-6
8E-NK27.5X51X17 8Q-GK26X30X9.8X 8Q-K2030X23.7X1 8Q-NK2032X22-4PX1
8E-NK28.8X38.8X9#02 8Q-GK26X33X33.5XZW 8Q-K21X25X13 8Q-NK22X34X25-1PX2
8E-NK28X39X17 8Q-GK28X32X29.8X4ZW 8Q-K21X25X17 8Q-NK22X36X25-1
8E-NK28X45X20-2N 8Q-GK28X34X34.8XZW 8Q-K22X26X11 8Q-NK22X38X17.6
8E-NK29X55X22 8Q-GK35X41X22.8X 8Q-K22X26X13 8Q-NK23.9X37X28PX1
8E-NK3047X15 8Q-GK35X42X16X 8Q-K22X28X22.8X4 8Q-NK24X36X14
8E-NK3047X15-1 8Q-GK5055X35.8XZW 8Q-K22X28X31.8XZ#01 8Q-NK25X34X14
8E-NK3047X19 8Q-GK7076X59.8XZW 8Q-K22X3015 8Q-NK26X35X25-1/3AS
8E-NK3047X21 8Q-GK97X107X47.8XZW 8Q-K22X3016.8X2 8Q-NK26X52X14
8E-NK3050X15 8Q-HK0810D 8Q-K22X32X25.7X 8Q-NK27X35X16
8E-NK3051X17-1 8Q-HK2012PX2 8Q-K23X31X28.8X1 8Q-NK27X4025-1
8E-NK32X52X15-3 8Q-HK4016 8Q-K240250X45.7#01 8Q-NK27X4025-1U35K
8E-NK32X63X19-2 8Q-HKS2026X10-1 8Q-K24X3019.8X 8Q-NK28X37X17
8E-NK33X54X23-1 8Q-HKS2028X20-1 8Q-K25X28X16.8X 8Q-NK3037X20-1
8E-NK33X55X17-1 8Q-HKS23X31X26 8Q-K25X29X10 8Q-NK3037X20-1U51
8E-NK33X55X17-6 8Q-HMK1715 8Q-K25X29X13 8Q-NK3037X20-1U61
8E-NK33X55X17-6U60 8Q-HMK1715/2A 8Q-K25X29X22XZW 8Q-NK3037X24PX1
8E-NK33X55X19-1PX1 8Q-HMK1715/2AS 8Q-K25X29X22XZWU61 8Q-NK3044X25PX2
8E-NK33X55X19-3PX1 8Q-HMK1819 8Q-K25X31X27.8X 8Q-NK3044X30
8E-NK33X55X21PX1 8Q-HMK2428/2AS 8Q-K26X3013 8Q-NK3044X30U35K
8E-NK33X6020-9 8Q-HMK2520 8Q-K26X32X31.8XZ#01 8Q-NK3046X30-1
8E-NK33X6022 8Q-HMK2820/8A 8Q-K28X32X27.2XZ#01 8Q-NK3047X17-11PX1
8E-NK34X45X17 8Q-HMK2830/8A 8Q-K28X32X27.2XZW 8Q-NK3047X17PX1U66
8E-NK34X45X17PX1 8Q-HMK2830/8AU60 8Q-K28X35X31.8X 8Q-NK3057X17-1PX1
8E-NK34X45X17PX1U42 8Q-HMK2830/8AU61 8Q-K28X36X46X1ZW 8Q-NK34X5035-10
8E-NK34X45X17PX1U77 8Q-HMK3830D 8Q-K28X36X51XZW 8Q-NK34X5035-7PX1
8E-NK34X45X17PX1U99 8Q-HMK4015B 8Q-K28X38X27.4X 8Q-NK35X42X23-1
8E-NK34X46X14 8Q-HMK4540ZWD 8Q-K28X38X27.4X3 8Q-NK35X42X23-2



8E-NK1-20x47X14  8E-NK1204714 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing 20x47x14mm 0


8E-NK1-20x47X14  8E-NK1204714 Automotive Needle Roller Bearing 20x47x14mm 1


R Bearing without an inner ring

Basic designation
BK Drawn cup needle roller bearing with a closed end
HK Drawn cup needle roller bearing with open ends
HN Drawn cup needle roller bearing with open ends, full complement
IR Needle roller bearing inner ring
K Needle roller and cage assembly
LR Needle roller bearing inner ring
NA 48 Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, with an inner ring
NA 49 Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, with an inner ring
NA 69 Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, with an inner ring
NAO Needle roller bearing with machined rings, without flanges, with an inner ring
NK Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, without an inner ring
NKI Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, with an inner ring
NKIA 59 Needle roller / angular contact ball bearing
NKIB 59 Needle roller / angular contact ball bearing
NKIS Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, with an inner ring
NKS Needle roller bearing with machined rings, with flanges, without an inner ring
NKX Needle roller / thrust ball bearing
NKXR Needle roller / cylindrical roller thrust bearing
NX Needle roller / thrust ball bearing, full complement thrust bearing
PNA Alignment needle
RN Needle roller

BF Needle roller with flat ends
D Deviating or modified internal design with the same boundary dimensions. Generally
dropped after a certain changeover period, but may have the significance to bound to
the particular bearing design/series.
Example: K 40x45x17 D
(Needle roller and cage assembly with a double split cage)
DS Single split needle roller and cage assembly
EGS Inner ring with a non-directionally ground raceway
VGS Inner ring with a pre-ground raceway and a machining allowance

RS Contact seal on one side of a drawn cup needle roller bearing (NBR or FKM or PUR)
or machined needle roller bearing (NBR)
.2RS Contact seal on both sides of a drawn cup needle roller bearing (NBR or FKM or PUR)
or machined needle roller bearing (NBR)
Z Combined needle roller bearing, factory greased thrust bearing with a cover without
lubrication holes over the outside diameter
ZW Double row needle roller and cage assembly (double row cage)

TN Glass fibre reinforced PA66 cage

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